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«Kan du legge fra deg telefonen, mamma?». Morsomt tivolibesk ble mareritt: Det ble totalt panikk. Gjennomgangen er basert p tall hentet inn rett fr rsskiftet, midt i desember i fjor. August, og barnehagene har ftt ett..
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Oslo graben

oslo graben

Norway. The data also suggest that whereas the magma- tism in the Vestfold GS had uniform intensity over most of the active period, the magmatism in the Akershus GS varied considerably in intensity. Hans Nelson,.; Karabanov, Evgeny.; Colman, Steven.; Escutia, Carlota (1999). 1952, 3:. The plural form is either graben 1 or grabens. Volcanism, tectonics and sedimentation in the Permian Oslo rift: five contributions with the emphasis on the Krokskogen area. No isochron no isochron.70560 f.70402 f.70448 f. Ramberg and Larsen, 1978; Schsnwandt and Petersen, 1983; Starmer 1985a, b; Buer, 1990; Swensson, 1990). Strong, local variations in thickness (150-1 m) and interfingeng lavas belonging to different compositional series suggest that in this area the basaltic lavas originated from three different eruption centres, one of which was situated on the Oslofjorden Fault (Tollefsrud, 1987; Overli, 1985; Schou-Jensen and Neumann.

Age relations among, oslo, rift magmatic rocks: implications for

oslo graben

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The plateau lavas are listed from bottom to top of stratigraphy. Oktober 2013, Seite. 3) the vegvesen bergen oldest ages are found in the larvikitic and related rocks (e.g. Its youngest ring-dyke is dated at 243 k. Most of the sediment will enter the half-graben down the unfaulted hanging wall side (e.g. In the Vest- fold and Krokskogen areas basaltic lava-flows also occur locally within the RP-sequence. In general the age data are consistent with the field observations (Fig. Baker,.H., Williams,.A.J., Miller,.A. Inside the Oslo Graben, the Precambrian base- ment is overlain by two formations of sedimentary rocks. AGE relations among oslo rift magmatic rocks 81 Mantle interaction with the crust Table 1 shows a wide range in initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios among the Oslo Rift magmatic rocks (0.70392 f 4.7101 1). Ignor- ing the unsatisfactory result from RP, they give an age range of 294 rt: 6 (RPz and RP to 283 f 8. The intrusive complexes range in composition from larvikites (the intrusive equivalents to the RP lavas) to syenitic-granitic complexes (e.g.

Neu- gebauer, 1983, 1987; Spohn and Schubert, 1983; Turcotte and Emerman, 1983; Wernicke, 1985; Zuber and Parmentier, 1986). This period, which lasted about 20 million years in the Vestfold GS and 25 million years in the Akershus GS, also represent the period of maximum ten- sional stress. According to the TAS clas- sification of Le Bas. Rio Grande Rift Valley in Colorado / New Mexico / Texas of the United States Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada,.S. In both graben segments the age determinations are con- sistent with a change in volcanic style with time from plateau volcanism to central volcanoes which developed into calderas. Gravity interpretation of the Oslo Graben and associated igneous rocks. Episodic recurrence of magmatic and tectonic activity is known both from the Rio Grande Rift (Chapin, 1979) and the Kenya Rift (Baker., 1971; Baker and Wohlenberg, 1971). AGE relations among oslo RlFT magmatic rocks 87 Saether,., 1962.